Welcome a small insight to all the different handmade wooden products currently available.

I do also do "one off" items / commission signage for companies as well as individuals.   

idesign PEN HEADER.png

idesign with one aim, to make people stop in their tracks and look at what idesign. 


I want people to feel excitement through my work but more than that, i want to engage with them through my designs thus achieve them taking in the information i'm aiming to get across through my products.

I'm not a team of designers or just a "key account" manager for large company, i'm a freelance graphic design artist that works closely with my clients making sure they feel top priority and get the best service possible to achieve their/our goal.

With my help and ideas we can modernise and get you or your company engaging with the right customers through items idesign, both with design and functionality.