imake Custom Handmade

Wooden Sports,

Gaming, Social Media 

Badges & Coaster's

Handmade in yorkshire

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

imake are from 6mm MDF cut to shape by hand, (no lazer cutting Machines) everything is then painted & smoothed, this cycle is repeated to get the best crisp finish possible.
Then finally a  Hi-gloss waterproof wipe clean dust proof vinyl graphic is  applied... making your badge  easy to clean and stay nice for years to come..
Can't find your team?
Have your own design but want me to make come to life? 
Your a company and would like me to create a stand-out unique sign for you brand/company? 
You want to create a unique bedroom decor, personalised just to your Childs taste? 
You have "Pub Shed or "Man Cave" 
Please fill in the bellow form and i will create the concept design for you to see and then give the go ahead for me to make your unique product

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