Personalised Harry Potter Hufflepuff House crest shield


6mm MDF Cut to shape by hand..

then painted and treated..

finished with hi-gloss vinyl graphic design print..

Size is 30cm tall by 22cm wide


Any questions regarding this product just email shop@idesignbyadam


Handmade in YORKSHIRE by adam

Personalised Harry Potter Hufflepuff House crest shield

  • So you have made your purchase... what next

    Dont worry about liking or disliking the design... because i always send design to you before printing...

    if you have any special requests etc or just want changes i will do them all until your happy and you approve the design...

    Of course this is free of charge

  • Its easy, 5 steps 

    • Fill in the field that provide me with the information to get things started..
    • You place your order,
    • Once your order placed, you will receive an email confirming the name you would like me to add to the shield and any other special requests can be dealt with at the same time 
    • You will be provide a chance to see the design before it goes to print... 
    • Once you have approved the design, imake your item and get it dispatched to you.  

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