Personalised Giant Pokémon trainer/character unique trading board


Name your Pokémon send in a photo and idesign and make the rest for you..


You will see approve design before print and production


Once your order is placed you will receive an email requesting your photo/photos


Available in various sizes ready to be put up on the wall or taken down to show off to friends and family as much as they like, they are double sided like a really trading card.


Photos that you choose dont have to be without background as I remove that the key thing is the quality of the photo so dont worry about who or what else is in the in photo as i will remove the background... as good as the design is if the photo quality is blurry or pixelated then it doesnt matter how good the design is it will not look good.. i will work with you to get the design perfect for you.


once you have choosen your pokemon and purchased your plaque feel free to email more than one photo for me to check quality of and let you know which images will work the best..

Personalised Giant Pokémon Wooden Board (Trainer/character unique combo)


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