Bullseye Classic Retro 3 Peace Set

Pack includes 
1x Bullseye Standing 
1x Bullseye Flying on Dart
1x Bullseye Logo

Get this great fun set.. make great family fun by creating your Bullseye game from your home... make great little prizes ..who can hold the prize for the longest win streak!! will it be Mum!! Or Grandad!?? Or Steve the brother in-law... it’s all to play for! All in the name of fun and laughs! 

The perfect addition to complete the “sports bar” look and feel!

6mm MDF Cut to shape by hand.. then painted and treated.. finished with hi-gloss vinyl graphic design print.. 

Hanging hooks included so ready to go up straight from delivery 

Available in
30cm tall by 15cm approx
40cm tall by 20cm approx

Bullseye Classic Retro 3 Peace Set


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