Unique Sports & Gaming Products, 

Huge range of wooden handmade badges across all sports.  

idesign & imake  everything you see on my website...

My aim has always been to be the ultimate "thinker" in unique, original & personal product design, that not only serve a practical purpose but are genuinely loved and set up as thing of pride.

idesignbyadam.com is always wanting to expand its list of Official Partner's ... Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you want your club to part of this exciting growth in wall crest/badges


All rights reserved. idesign has no affiliation with EA Sports, FIFA or other sporting body or team.

Bring your dreams to life with your very own personalised football or rugby  card. Complete with your photo, team badge and chosen stats.


Big Personalised Player Plaques are a must for every sports fan/player; young and old! ... so what you waiting for get in touch idesign for any sport, club or country...

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